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Lake Mburo National Park

Lake Mburo National Park is located to the east of Kampala. It is ideally situated to break up the popular driving route between Kampala and both the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Queen Elizabeth National Parks. However, Lake Mburo is more than just a convenient stopover for a night thanks to its excellent wildlife diversity and a wide range of activities on offer.

Lake Mburo National Park Wildlife Safaris

There are almost 70 different species of mammal found within Lake Mburo National Park, including leopard, hyena and buffalo. A variety of antelope such as impala, eland, topi and bushbuck are often spotted on a bespoke Lake Mburo safari, and this area is also one of the only places in Uganda where you will find zebra. Game drives and walking safaris in Lake Mburo National Park are popular, and it’s also possible to go on night game drives here too.

There is no real threat from predators which means activities such as walking, horse riding, cycling and fishing can also be enjoyed in the park. There are five lakes within the park boundaries and boat safaris are a fun way to explore. Fishing, cultural experiences, and quad bike excursions in Lake Mburo are also possible on a tailor-made safari in Lake Mburo National Park.


Birding in Lake Mburo National Park

Recorded bird species in Lake Mburo exceed 315. The park is an excellent place to spot rare birds such as the shoebill stork, papyrus yellow warbler, African finfoot, saddle-billed stork, brown-chested wattled plover, Tabora cisticola, great snipe, Abyssinian ground hornbill and the white-winged warbler.

Best Places to Stay in Lake Mburo National Park

There is a variety of accommodation options in Lake Mburo National Park from tented camps to safari lodges. 

Hand-picked Camps and Lodges

Talk with one of our experts today to discuss the best options for you.


Best Time to Visit Lake Mburo National Park

Uganda’s two main dry seasons are typically the best periods to visit Lake Mburo. Between the months of December and February and June to August, animals tend to congregate near to the edge of the lake making them easier to find.

Weather During the Year


How to Book a Lake Mburo National Park Safari Holiday

To discuss your Uganda safari holiday, Lake Mburo National Park safari packages and tailor-made itineraries, speak to one of our Uganda experts today by contacting us.

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