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Kampala And Entebbe

Kampala and Entebbe are Uganda’s two main cities, located across a range of hills 35 kms apart from one another on the shores of Lake Victoria. Kampala is the capital of Uganda and its largest city, and almost all trips to Uganda start and end with a stopover in Kampala or Entebbe.

About Kampala

Kampala is Uganda’s official capital and greenest city. It is located on the top of the Rubaga and Mengo hills meaning there are excellent views of the surrounding area. Kampala is also Uganda’s commercial and administrative centre, and the city has a rich history to discover as well as charming and welcoming inhabitants. About Entebbe Entebbe is a quiet retreat from busy Kampala. Located on the shores of Lake Victoria, there is a thriving social and dining scene, as well as a variety of activities to enjoy that range from city tours to visiting a chimpanzee sanctuary. Colonial influences can be seen across Entebbe and Uganda’s only international airport is found here.


Best Things to Do in Kampala and Entebbe

If you’re staying in Kampala or Entebbe at the start or end of your Uganda safari holiday, there are plenty of activities to keep yourself occupied, including visits to the Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary and Uganda Wildlife Education Centre. Visitors can also see the Mengo Palace, watch performances at the Ndere Centre, or shop for crafts and clothes at Kampala Fair.

Best Places to Stay in Kampala and Entebbe

There is a variety of excellent guest houses and hotels in Kampala and Entebbe suitable for most budgets and requirements. 

Hand-picked Camps and Lodges

Talk with one of our experts today to discuss the best options for you.


Best Time to Visit Kampala or Entebbe

Kampala and Entebbe are year-round destinations and the timing of your visit is most likely determined by other aspects of your Uganda holiday itinerary.

Weather During the Year


How to Book a Stopover in Kampala or Entebbe

To discuss your Uganda safari holiday, Kampala city tours and Entebbe activities, speak to one of our Uganda experts today by contacting us.

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