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Zomba Plateau

The Zomba Plateau a towering mountain of rock that stands in places at 2,000 metres high. The plateau is one of Africa’s most scenic regions and lends itself perfectly to exciting adventure holiday activities such as walking, horse riding, cycling and fishing.

About the Zomba Plateau

Across the Zomba Plateau, vast tracts of cedar, pine and cypress blend with a variety of wild vegetation to create a beautiful tropical haven that begs to be explored. As you venture across the plateau you will find scenic waterfalls plunging from a network of beautiful streams and panoramic vistas over the surrounding region that earned the plateau the historic title of “the best views in the British Empire”.

Trip Ideas

Things to do at the Zomba Plateau

  • Scenic hikes

  • Summit hike

  • Horse riding

  • Fishing

  • Swimming under William’s waterfall

  • Cycling tours

  • Historic and Architectural tours of Zomba

Wildlife and Birding in Zomba Plateau

There are a number of mammal and bird species that you may see during a holiday at the Zomba Plateau. These include the elusive leopard and troops of baboons. The area is also home to a variety of giant and colourful butterflies. Birding specials include the long-crested eagle and the augur buzzard.

Best Places to Stay in Zomba Plateau

Hand-picked Camps and Lodges

  • Zomba Forest Lodge

Talk with one of our experts today to discuss the best options for you.


Best Time to Visit Zomba Plateau

Malawi’s dry season from April to October is the ideal period to visit. During these months excellent weather makes adventures on the plateau thoroughly enjoyable and views from the plateau spectacular.

Weather During the Year


How to Book a Zomba Plateau Holiday

To discuss your Malawi holiday, Zomba Plateau packages and tailor-made itineraries, speak to one of our Malawi experts today by contacting us.

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