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Majete Wildlife Reserve

The Majete Wildlife Reserve in Malawi’s south-west is one of the most inspiring tales of conservation success in Africa. The reserve is now a haven for wildlife and a tailor-made safari in Majete is one of the best things to do on a Malawi holiday. Lion, leopard, rhino, elephant, buffalo and a large number of antelope can all now be found within the reserve following a hugely successful reintroduction operation between 2003 and 2012 by the African Parks organisation.

About Majete Wildlife Reserve

Majete’s landscape is for the most part miombo woodland dotted with rocky outcrops and dry savannahs. A short climb to the rocky viewing points offers visitors excellent panoramas across the reserve’s undulating woodlands. The Shire River forms the eastern border of the park and boat safaris in Majete make an exciting alternative to game drives and bush walks. An excursion to the Kapichara waterfalls, accessed via a short footpath, is also something enjoyed by visitors to the reserve.

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Majete Wildlife Reserve Safaris

Since the African Parks organisation took over management of the park in 2003, Majete has seen a boom in animal population growth. Elephant, lion, leopard, buffalo and black rhino were successfully reintroduced into Majete and as a result, the reserve became Malawi’s only Big Five safari destination. Visits here can be combined with Liwonde National Park as well as Lake Malawi

Eland, sable, impala, waterbuck, hartebeest, zebra and giraffe can also be found in the reserve. More than 12,000 individual animals now reside in Majete, making safari activities such as game drives, bush walks, boat cruises and birding excursions incredibly rewarding. For those who really want to stretch their legs there’s the Mabele Hill walk which gives a different perspective of the reserve. 

Birding in Majete Wildlife Reserve 

Malawi is an excellent destination for passionate bird enthusiasts due to its crossover of southern and eastern African species. Roughly 300 species of bird call Majete home, including four types of vulture, abundant Bateleur eagles and rare species such as the boulder chat, Livingstone fly-catcher and Boehm’s bee-eater. 

Other birding specials in the reserve include the African cuckoo hawk, bat hawk, Pel’s fishing owl, pennant–winged nightjar and the rock pratincole amongst others.

Best Places to Stay in Majete Wildlife Reserve


Best Time to Visit Majete Wildlife Reserve

Majete is open to visitors year-round. However, Malawi’s dry season from April to October is the ideal period to visit. During these months animals congregate around water and vegetation is thinner making them easier to find.

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How to Book a Majete Wildlife Reserve Safari Holiday

To discuss your Malawi safari holiday, Majete safari packages and tailor-made itineraries, speak to one of our Malawi experts today by contacting us.

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